Looking for Immediate, Walk-In, Urgent Care?  

Our simple, affordable, and transparent self-pay, no insurance model is ideal for all injury care:

Injured individuals without coverage

Visitors to the area lacking widely accepted insurance with injuries

Those with high deductibles or significant out-of-pocket costs

People seeking convenient and efficient injury care at an injury-only urgent care office

Walk-Ins Available Immediately

No Appointment or Insurance Needed

A Self-Pay Urgent Care Facility

With Simple and Transparent Injury Care Pricing

Experienced Injury Care

Treating Injuries, Not Illnesses
doctor applying bandage onto patient's hand in clinic

Physicians Health Center: Your Trusted Provider for Urgent Injury Treatment

Physicians Health Center specializes in urgent care self-pay, walk-in injury care and unlike most urgent care centers, hospitals, or doctors’ offices, we do not treat illnesses, only injuries.

Injuries happen and getting treatment should never be hindered by appointment barriers. That's why we welcome walk-ins, with no need for prior appointments.

Our expertise lies in treating injuries that happen inside and outside the home, including abrasions, sprains/strains, back or neck injuries, bites, foreign bodies in the skin or eye, cuts, and burns, among others.

It's essential for us to focus on what we do best. We believe that injuries are best handled by physicians specializing in injuries and illnesses are best treated by physicians focused on illnesses. With nearly four decades of experience, we are a trusted name in injury treatment in South Florida.

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Physicians Health Center has five convenient walk-in facilities to serve all of Miami-Dade, South Broward, and Monroe Counties. View all of our locations below.


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Experience Hassle-Free Walk-in Injury Urgent Care with Transparent and Easy-To-Understand Pricing at Physicians Health Center.

Physicians Health Center has eliminated any confusion regarding how much it will cost. Forget about authorizations, denials, deductibles, or facility fees. Forget about receiving a bill in the mail weeks later. We've made it straightforward – you'll be billed at the time of service at a price based on the complexity of your injury (Low, Moderate, High) and, if necessary, any orthopedic equipment.

The doctor's hands in blue sterile gloves disinfect an abrasion on the knee

Low Complexity

Standard Injury Urgent Care $109

Examples of standard injury care visits include:

Minor abrasions, scrapes, cuts, or burns

Sprains/strains, not requiring a digital x-ray

Minor insect/animal bite with no allergic reaction and minor skin damage

Doctor bandaging sprained wrist.

Moderate Complexity

Enchanced Injury Urgent Care $179

Examples of enhanced services include:

Minor wound treatment requiring closure (sutures / stitches)

Treatment/Evaluation of sprains/strains requiring a digital x-ray

Insect/Animal bite with an allergic reaction or more notable skin damage

Removal of foreign body (non-eye)

Doctor bandaging sprained leg.

High Complexity

Complex Injury Urgent Care $289

Examples of complex wound treatment include:

Significant lacerations and necessary skin
repair (sutures / stitches)

Treatment / Evaluation of sprains/strains for multiple body parts (includes digital x-rays)

Human or complex animal bites requiring higher level care and post-bite follow-up

Removal of foreign body from the eye

Casting / Splinting for non-complex fractures or breaks

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